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  1. Can I have a plan for an RC plane out of balsa please?
    Hey I am very much interested in building rc planes but, I have only BL 2212/10 motor with an 18a speed control I have a 4 channel radio with 3 servos I would like some Balsa plane models even if its your own. Please can you guide me. any site is okay but motor and balsa are the limitations thank you!!

  2. Websites for how to build model airplane (videos) ?
    please can any one give me the websites for HOW TO BUILT A MODEL PLANE.
    I want clear videos for making model airplane.Please suggest me any one………….
    I want different plans, plane materials, parts etc…(WEBSITES)…
    I am in India so I cant Get Balsa wood. So please tell me how to make model airplane by home made Materials………

  3. designs to make an airplane?
    I need a disign to make an airplane. I’m trying to design one with two large wings i nthe front, and 2 smaller ones in the back. Possibly adding a tail to it. It’s needs to be made out of balsa wood, wings of tissue paper, and it has a propeller on the front powered by a rubber band. I am trying to make one for my science fair project, but I need an effective model to do my testing, so I need to minimize human error. I’ve tried a couple designs, but does anyone else have any ideas?

    • Is it a science project or do you want a flying model plane?

      If you just want a flying model as an example, why not buy a kit?

      I used google to search for “model aircraft plans balsa wood” and got thousands of hits, many of them could be useful to you. For example: http://www.jitterbuzz.com/navion.html and http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Model_aircraft

      One key factor to understand if you’re going to design a plane yourself is “balance”. You want your plane to fly forward, not looping up or down. The center of gravity will need to be roughly at one third of the leading edge of your main wing, the far end wing will have to be adjusted so that the plane’s balance is perfect.

      The propellor and rubber band will have a high mass (relative to the rest of the plane) and you could adjust the length of the tail to compensate for this. The longer the tail, the less force you need to keep things balanced. See this: http://www.grc.nasa.gov/WWW/K-12/WindTunnel/Activities/balance_of_forces.html

    • Try the website. The plane is the British Harvard (same plane but different name). It has a 35 inch wingspan. Your other option would be to get the plans for a small scale RC version and scale it down to a lighter & smaller balsa rubberband version.

  4. I Want To MAke A Plane Model Which Can Also Run On The Ground….Simply.Known As A Flying Car…?
    Hi..I AM An Aeronautical Enginnering student .
    So I Want To Make A Model Plane WIth Balsa Wood..Then After I Want To make It Run On The Ground Too.Normally Known As A FLYING CAR.
    So How Can I Do It. Presently I M In INDIA. So I Want TO Make It With Local Materials.
    I Already Have A 4 channel remot controller and Motor And SErvo Motors too.
    PLz Suggest Me ANy ONe.
    I Need Plans And Web sites for sugessions.
    How Much It Costs.
    Plz ensure that It doesn’t takes Much Expensive.
    First Shud I Make a plane model or a car ?
    I Have 2 power fuul propeller motors.
    So Please Help Me Any One…….[Hyderabad, AP, INDIA]

    • scrap the ‘aircar’ idea it will be very difficult to find plans, look for airplane plans that have a steerable nose wheel/tail wheel that is wired to the rudder control. doing this the airplane will be able to ‘taxi’ which is what you see real planes do on the ground at airports. it is also helpful in assisting takeoff to keep aligned with the runway. a full airplane bought in kit form with all the things you need made of balsa will cost around $600 AUD for a decent model (which will smash into thousands of pieces if you crash badly, so i recommend use polystyrene, or EPP which is a type of squishy polystyrene and is fantastic, it’s light strong and very durable and squishes when you crash so it doesn’t break)

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