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  1. What’s the difference between Helicopter and Airplane?
    I want to buy a Romote Control Helicopter toy for my little nephew,Hope someone can tell me more information about Helicopter and Airplane toy.Thanks!

    • Hi Battery Expert,
      From a technical standpoint, an airplane is a fixed wing aircraft while a helicopter is a rotary wing aircraft.
      But from the RC hobby standpoint, an RC plane is a challenge to learn, and an RC heli is much, much more difficult to learn.

      If you are looking at one of the toys like the Air Hogs havoc, then anyone can fly them.
      Well, flying might be a bit of a stretch. These things are only marginally controllable. And they rarely last more than a week. But cheap and fun. It is a 2 channel heli. You control up/down and turning left/right (and this turn control is what is barely workable). To get forward flight, you need to add weight to the nose (a thumbtack). Then it always flys forward.

      The next step up would be a co-axial model with counter rotating rotors.
      The Blade CX2 is the current typical version of this type. This one is 4 channel. Throttle to move up/down, yaw to rotate left/right, pitch to move forward/back and roll to slip left/right. This is pretty much only usable indoors.

      Beyond that, the sky is the limit. You can spend thousands of dollars on a larger, outdoor electric or nitro powered RC heli. But these are very challenging to learn to fly.

      There are a ton of ways to get started with both RC planes and helis. I recommend that you do a lot of reading on the dedicated RC forums.

      Beginner planes:

      Good luck!

  2. How much would it cost to get into RC helicopters or airplanes as a hobby?
    I am 13 and have always been interested in I guess motors and aviation based movement. Basically long story short i want to try building an RC helicopter or airplane and want to know how much it would cost. I have around $300 or so to spend and I just want a simple start into this hobby so nothing fancy (PS i have a tiny bit of experience with aviation based RC models and i know how to fly a basic model airplane and a basic 3 channel model helicopter)

    • I would say start with elecric planes with a wide wing span they are easy to control. Also get a decent controller but not something to fancy . I was dumb and started out with a 4 channel rc helicopter and I got to say flying a real plane is easier to me then flying one of those things. First time I tried it out I pushed the throttle all the way in it went up got caught by the wind and got stuck in a tree

  3. Has anyone got a good idea on where to buy RC helicopters or planes in Singapore?
    I was thinking of getting a Almost Ready to Fly(ARF) or Ready to Fly(RTF) model which i had scouted from several internet websites, i have the intention of modifying the radio system of the RTF or ARF model to a Futaba 6EX 2.4Ghz 6 channel type at the point of purchase, just that i have no idea on shops available in Singapore or which are the recommended ones.

    • Buy it online, and get it delivered.

      That way you get exactly what you want – without getting off your chair.

  4. Do I have to have a licence to fly a model RC Helicopter or Aircraft please?
    I have a RC Helicopter and wondered if I should have to get a licence to fly it?

    • No, you do not have to have a license, so there are no fines associated with flying “unlicensed,” nor are you required to be a member of the Academy of Model Aeronautics (AMA–the first link in the Sources section) in order to fly. However, if your helicopter is relatively large (more than about 2 pounds), the likelihood of injuring someone else or damaging someone’s property (e.g. crashing your helicopter into someone’s house or car) increases greatly and you would be considered liable for any injuries or damage. Membership in the AMA provides many things, one of the most useful of which is liability insurance for it’s members. AMA Membership benefits also include membership into a community of model aircraft pilots, access to training for new pilots, access to safe places for members to fly their aircraft (especially for larger aircraft–ones not considered “park flyers”), and access to thousands of AMA sanctioned events and competitions each year.

  5. Where can I purchase, or order parts to make a Turbine powered RC Mi-24 Helicopter?
    I’ve been a lover of ship and aircraft models for most of my life. But after seeing a Mi-24 RC model in action, I’m pretty interested in adding that to my collection. I don’t have much engineering know how, so I feel that I need to buy a kit of some sort, but i can’t find a place that sells them. Is it nonexistent or am I bad with google?

    • Its C. None of the above. Not all helicopters are scaled and made into an RC helicopter. Some people may have done it and you may have not found it. But that doesnt mean you did a bad job with google and its search engine. You could check Tower Hobbies or Horizon Hobbes. You could also try making it yourself. Thats how it is done. But usually if you have to start small with electric helicopters and work your way up to scaling and making your own helicopter body for the RC helicopter.

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