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  1. Is it possible to make a decent jet rc plane in a short amount of time?
    I want to make a jet rc plane, camera equipped and everything within a 3-5 month timespan. Is it possible to make one in that time frame. And even if it’s not, do you know how much money it would take to make a decent one with cameras and long distance anyhow, similar to the predator drone, except of course, without the iff gear and missles, etc. thanks

    • Camera!
      long distance!
      Yes if you have a budget of around $1,000,000,00 to $2,000,00,00 OR MORE MUCH MUCH MORE!
      And the America military defence Research Establishment department!
      what you wish to build is an Aeriel surveillance drone!
      And they cost big big bucks!
      You think the military could make one in a back bedroom for peanuts they would have already done so.
      They cost huge amounts of money to build and get right!
      toy/model jets for starts do not have the fuel capacity for any thing other than short trips and as for cameras you have to be joking you need a vibration free steady platform.
      A helicopter with a gyro would be better!

  2. Where can I buy military style rc planes online?
    Is there a specific place to buy rc planes online that have military designs?

    • haha it looks like the girl gave you “an answer waaaay off of what you’re asking”

      go to


      they have military jets and have warbirds (militar warbirds)

      if you’re learning to flight I would suggest that you buy a 3ch glider or else you’ll just trow your monety to the garbage… if you have experience flying, make sure you do with a trainer or a glider or a plane that it has at least 3 channels, if it has 4 or more then great!

      or buy a simulator called “FMS SIMULATOR” I believe nitroplanes sells it for 20 bucks, it is worth it, believe me…

      check http://www.hobbypartz.com

      are you addicted to RC stuff? here are the 4 websites for airplanes, helis, cars and for upgrades!


      they’re all the same company with different names, hope I helped.

      PD: I buy from them and had no problems

  3. how do you build a mini jet or turbine engine plants like a F22?
    I’ve seen videos on youtube of jet engine rc planes and I want to know how to build one , any leads or know how?

  4. Where can i buy an RC jet plane mainly a Concorde,A320-232, or a A380, and how much does it cost exactly?
    Where can I buy an RC jet plane mainly a Concorde,A320-232, or a A380, and how much does it cost exactly? I not only want one for myself, but my girlfriend’s little brother wants one. Moreover can I buy one with real turbines with a real jet combustor instead of a ducted fan?
    oh yes please don’t tell me that i can use search engines, i need either a direct website or a website that sells all RC toys. Thank You!

  5. Has anyone ever successfully built a MANNED experimental aircraft based on plans for large-scale RC models?
    Now… before all of the aviation and RC builders on here start lambasting me for what seems like a stupid question, please allow me to preface this with some context…

    I am an avid aviation enthusiast who has been interested in an experimental build or a kit plane for several years. I already have a very solid understanding of the physics involved and the inherent differences between manned aircraft and RC aircraft. I have a degree in mechanical engineering and I have studied fluid dynamics on scale models. Therefore I am not necessarily seeking an opinion on whether or not something like this CAN be done, as I am fairly certain that it can.

    What I have not been able to find, however, is any example of someone who has actually taken that step from RC model to experimental aircraft. There is quite a large community of RC enthusiasts that have pushed the limits of model aircraft closer and closer to their real-world counterparts (usually military aircraft). There is also a large community of home-built kit aircraft aviators who have flown just about every size and shape you can think of. And I would also assume that there are many members of both communities that crossover into the other.

    My question is, why hasn’t anyone, to my knowledge, taken the concept of RC aircraft (building air-worthy scale replicas of military aircraft) and applied it to home-built aircraft? Despite the differences in materials and payload, it is not unprecedented for propulsion systems designed for the RC market to be re-purposed for manned flight. RC jet engines have been successfully used on experimental aircraft in several capacities, and many of the larger-scale RC planes use the same mechanical components on their control surfaces.

    Despite all of the crossover in technology I still have never seen a home-built scale replica of an F-16, for example. I’ve never seen a scaled down experimental plane meant to replicate any of the popular fighter jets and iconic warplanes that you see in the RC world. The closest you might get would be the BD-10 jet which has the same look and profile as a fighter, but even that is virtually non-existent in the experimental aircraft community.

    Does anyone with experience in this field know why that is? I cant imagine it would be due to lack of interest in building one. Are there regulations that prohibit military-style aircraft features perhaps? Is there any reason why, with modern composites, a half-scale replica of an F-16 or an F-22 couldn’t be built aerodynamically stable for sub-sonic manned flight?

    Also, please don’t feel obligated to err on the side of caution when responding. I am not asking this to gather support for whether or not I should build one and try to fly it– rest assured I am not that foolish. I am simply asking whether something like this has been done or why no one seems to have gone there.

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