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  1. What is a good RC helicopter kit to buy?
    Im talking about the advanced kits, not the ones you can buy at Toys R us, or anything made for a kid, i want the kits that come with every single part and you have to build the entire thing. Ive seen people that build these and they can get them up to speeds of 75 MPH and even the good pilots can fly upside down, where do i get a good kit?

    • There are a lot of choices here, but your best bet would be a .30 sized or .50 sized Raptor. You can get them ARF (almost ready to fly) or in full kit form. Don’t get the ARF, build it yourself because you’re gonna need that experience when it crashes.. and it _will_ crash, they all do. I’ve been flying almost 5 years and have three working Raptors. I’ve toasted 2. You can get the model from a lot of places, but a good deal can be found at Heliproz. Also, get plenty of info from the links below.

  2. How can I make a working model helicopter?
    I want to make a model helicopter that works and that I can make from scratch (NOT using kits) I have good experience with electronics and know the physics about how helicopters work and stay in flight but I can’t work out how to keep it from spinning because i don’t think I have the expertise to make a helicopter that has a tail motor.

    I was thinking of designing it to copy the American Chinook but I don’t know where to start. Please help me.

    • Counter rotating main blades. Go to http://www.horizonhobby.com and look at the E-Flite CX and CX-2. They are very stable and do not use a tail rotor. The main shaft has 2, one inside that rotates one way and an outer shaft that rotates the other way. This will be very difficult to build from scratch, but good for you taking on the challenge and good luck !!

  3. How do I go about building a helicopter?
    I’d like to build a helicopter, which is either remote controlled, or one that I can acutally sit in. I’d like to discover all the technical wonders in a helicopter design. So I’d like to build one from scratch.

    • First remember, a helicopter is a machine that does not want to fly. A helicopter is more difficult to fly than a fixed wing aircraft.
      Second, You better have a large budget and prepare to put aside a LARGE amount of money. You will run into alot of problems. If you buy kit, you better have a good working knowledge of frame work, you will have to fabricate alot of the frame and parts and search for hours for the right part.
      Check with the FAA to see if you can build you own helicopter and fly it. If it is a model, that is different. you will need practice and lots of it.
      GOOD LUCK!!

  4. Can I get into the radio controlled helicopter hobby for 200 dollars?
    I am keenly interested in the radio controlled helicopter hobby. My question is this, can a beginner with no experience get into this hobby for around 200 dollars? I have seen compleat,” ready to fly kits “, on eBay selling for as little as $117.00, new! ” the Dragon 22E “. Which is an electric powered R/C helicopter, is this model a good beginners R/C helicopter kit ? The seller claims that everything needed to start flying is included in this kit package, is this true? Has anyone purchased this, or a similar kit ?
    Since first posting this question, I have learned a lot about radio controlled helicopters. ” THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS AREADY TO FLY ” R/C helicopter. You need to understand how to set up your new R/C helio, before that first flight, and it is also good to understand how the real thing flys,” How Things Work.com is a good place to learn that “. You also need to be able, analyze what happened just before a crash,” and you will crash many times”, before becoming a top R/C helio pilot. You also need dealer, and company surport, + AFFORDABLE SPARE PARTS.

    • WOOOOOOO slow down man!!!Have you ever flown a R/C plane?You will never be able to fly a helecopter trust me.I fly the planes and they are extremely hard to learn at 1st.You could probably get a used one off ebay for that money,but i garunty even your local hobby shop guy will guide you away from flying a helecopter,you can also see if your hobby shop has a flight simulater,most do and try flying one one there.But if you’ve made your mind up and are going to get one i would suggest ebay or ..http://rcuniverse.com or http://rcjunkyards.com they have forums there to ask questions on ,also used rc items for sale.Good luck,and happy flying=)

  5. Hobby shops in Honolulu with model car kits?
    I am looking for a store / Hobby shop in or near Honolulu that sells model car, airplane, helicopter kits. I’m having a difficult time finding one so I was hoping someone could be of assistance. Thank you.

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