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  1. Does anyone know where i can buy already built model airplanes in Melbourne?
    Does anyone know where i can buy already built model airplanes in Melbourne? And i would also appreciate it if you could tell me the price range. the reason i want already built models is because i am terrible at building the plastic ones and i can’t paint. 🙂 Thanks very much!

    • ANDY is correct… expect to pay MORE for prebuilt models, the general rule is THREE times the price of the kit.

      I’ve been building, painting, and repairing / completing models on commission since 1989 and that is what I charge for a basic job. I also have built VERY custom models and that can run 5 to 20 times the cost of the kit… an example was a series of SH-60B Seahawk helicopters I build for my old squadron that required scratch building interiors, engines, and transmissions (before Italeiri’s 1/48th scale kits).

      Your BEST bet is to visit a local shop and check their bulletin board for builders

  2. Is it possible to get a webcam on a rc helicopter and control it by watching it on the web cam?
    I want to get an rc helicopter and put a webcam on it, so it’s kind of live a UAV.
    What live cameras can I get?

    • It would have to be a wireless webcam.
      Also, the helicopter itself would have to be rather large to compensate for the added weight. It would also have to be mounted just right so as not to throw off the balance.
      A hobby shop might have more information for you. I think there are special cameras or copter models for purchase.
      Youtube is also a good source.

  3. How do I remove a decal from a plastic model and and reapply it correctly?
    I’m building a plastic model airplane right now and I just finished placing decals. After they dried I inspected my work and realized that one of the decals was placed upsidedown on the airplane. So I would like to know if anyway has any methods for removing the decal and reapplying it so it adheres correctly.

    • As “Helicopter” said… once a decal / transparancy is on and DRY… it’s STUCK !!

      I’ve tried over the last 33 years to loosen them with wet Qtips, Qtips moist with decal solvent, SOAKING in water, in a water/vinegar mix… it NEVER works well.

      My only suggestion is to write to the manufacturer and buy a replacement set of decals… OR buy some “after-market” decals from your hobby shop.


  4. How long should I charge my RC helicopter batteries?

    I’ve recently purchased an RC helicopter on eBay, but it came without instructions.

    I’ve managed to figure out how to start it, but I’ve no way of knowing how long I should be charging the various batteries, in the controller, in the aircraft, and the glow starter.

    It’s a Hirobo Shuttle Plus, and I want to be sure that I’m not over/under-charging them.

    • Charge it 8-12 hours, I think, but to be sure, ask the manufacturer:

      eHIROBO is a privately owned and managed model shop located in Hong Kong. Our company information is

      Autobahn88 Group Limited
      Unit B & C, 1/F., R & T Centre, No. 81 – 83 Larch St., Tai Kok Tsui, Kowloon, Hong Kong
      Telephone : (852) 2151-1351 Fax : (852) 3012-1938

      Inquiry E-mail: info@ehirobo.com
      URL: http://www.ehirobo.com

  5. How can make my own helicopter?
    Hi all,
    Can i make helicopter using car engine, blades, rotors etc.
    Thanks in advance.

    • Joey H has the right Idea….

      Think about this… Once you’ve spent all the money in changing parts… welding.. retro fitting etc… (Not to mention the time wasted on testing, things going wrong etc)
      Look at what you can have for a FRACTION of the price…
      And it’s already been tested and you don’t have to risk your life or injury building and testing…
      Just under $5000 (depending on Model..)
      I think that’s dirt cheap!

      Scorpion-Style Airframe for 2-Seater—Unassembled, Precut Tubing

      Ever thought of a GyroCoptor? Around $1000

      Take-off and flight of the Kopter is under full piston-engine power. Takes off at 30 mph. Cruises at 60 mph, with a high speed of 85+ mph. Climbs at 1,000 fpm and will reach an altitude of 12,000 ft. Engines of as little as 35 hp may be used (with reduction drive), or up to 80 hp. If flown as an ultralight, the B-20 is free of licensing or certification requirements.
      You wouldn’t have to worry about the FAA or training fees school fees etc.gyroplanes have outstanding safety records.

      Even such critical parts as rotor blades, rotor hub and joystick may be constructed in a home shop from readily available raw materials, as detailed in the manual…
      Get the blue prints.. if your as good as you think.. can HAND make one (Yeah there a certain satisfaction that comes with doing it ALL YOUR SELF.. I KNOW!)

      $100 blue prints… and 3 flying manuals …

      Looks like fun…. If you DO IT, send me some pictures!
      Good Luck

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