Helicopter pilot training can be a major life enhancement, or even the start of a new career. Whether you re interested in flying a helicopter for personal use, or flying a helicopter professionally, as a crop duster, a charter pilot, or a flight instructor, quality helicopter pilot training will help you gain the skills you need in order to be successful. Rotor Aviation, a San Diego company, can help get you there.Rotor Aviation staff have years of experience in the San Diego helicopter industry, and have provided helicopter pilot training to numerous students. They can help you gain the expertise you need, no matter what your pre-existing level of helicopter competency may be.Rotor Aviation is able to serve a broad range of students by offering a full slate of helicopter pilot training programs, each tailored to serve a particular level of flight expertise.The most basic level of helicopter pilot training available from Rotor Aviation is their private pilot certificate program. Training for a private pilot certificate consists of a basic set of lessons, designed to introduce the elements of helicopter flight. Private pilot training consists of eighty hours of lessons, including forty hours of flight time, thirty hours of dual flight instruction, and ten hours of ground instruction. Tests are administered at the end of the lessons.For those interested in a slightly more rigorous helicopter pilot training course, Rotor Aviation offers classes in instrument piloting. Instrument pilot training consists of fifty additional hours of instruction, designed specifically to build the confidence of learners in their ability to fly a helicopter solely by instruments, and by air traffic controller instructions. This type of helicopter pilot training is often sought out by students looking to hone their piloting competence and make themselves into safer, better pilots.For those interested in a career as a helicopter pilot, Rotor Aviation also offers helicopter pilot training leading to a commercial pilot s license. This is a far more rigorous round of training, only for advanced students. It consists of 260 hours of training, including 150 hours of flight time, one-hundred hours of pilot-in-command flight time, and ten hours of instrument flight time. Anyone interested in commercial helicopter pilot training must also obtain a class two medical certificate.Rotor Aviation also offers helicopter pilot training to those interested in becoming flight instructors themselves. This type of training consists of fifty more hours of instruction, and is only available to those who have completed their commercial pilot s license. Flight instruction training is prized by beginning helicopter pilots, because many entry-level jobs in the helicopter flight industry are helicopter pilot training jobs.Rotor Aviation is a San Diego based provider of helicopter flight lessons. For more information, visit RotorAviation.

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Model railways and model trains are a very enjoyable hobby for lots of people of all ages. They are seen as quite an old fashioned interest today but it is surprising how many young children, especially young boys are fascinated with model railways and trains. A lot of people who are collectors of model railways and model trains will have a room or maybe there loft or cellar space dedicated to their model railways.Model railways can take up quite a large amount of space so you do need a good sized area to set up your collections. Whether you are a collector already or are just becoming interested in model railways and trains then you are sure to get hours of pleasure from them. There is a number of well known brands that are most popular with model railway enthusiasts and these include brands such as Hornby, Bachmann, Graham Farish and Peco. They all make trains and track plus all the buildings and landscaping accessories your model railway needs to come to life.Many stockists of model railways and model trains will sell starter packs for new collectors to get your set off to a flying start. You will then be able to grow your collection with additional track, trains and scenery pieces as you time goes on. Model railways are so popular that you can find many magazines and publications especially for model railway enthusiasts and there are a number of museums in the UK that have great collections of model railways and trains. These museums are a great place to take your children or grandchildren and it might spark their interest in model railways.There are a number or model railways clubs and societies that keen collectors can join so they can share information with other collectors and maybe swap pieces and view other train sets to get inspiration for their own model railways collections. If you want to start a collection or just add to the set you already have then www.modelrailwayshop.co.uk is a great place to start. They have a fantastic selection of model railways, model trains and accessories all at great prices.

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No one would question the fact that the Grand Canyon is immense. It does, after all, cover over a million acres of wilderness. Most of that is out of reach for everything but Grand Canyon helicopters and airplanes.

If you decide to explore the National Park by air, you ll need to decide which rim of the canyon you d like to see the West Rim or the South Rim. At least for now, there aren t any helicopter rides that go to both rims, so you ll need to choose one or the other. Most people base their choice on their interests and starting location.

For example, travelers setting out from Sedona, Scottsdale, Flagstaff, Phoenix or elsewhere in Arizona usually go to the South Rim. The road there is easy to follow and it s in great shape, so many people drive to the Park themselves.

Vegas-based travelers usually go to the West Rim. Helicopter rides from Vegas to the West Rim take about 45 minutes to arrive. The route is extremely scenic and includes flyovers of Hoover Dam and Lake Mead. Both are impressive sights Hoover Dam is a wonder of engineering and Lake Mead is the largest manmade reservoir in the States.

Don t get the idea that you can t take a South Rim helicopter ride if you re coming from Vegas. I always suggest taking a plane to the South Rim from there you can board a chopper. These Grand Canyon helicopters are popular flights and chock full of magnificent natural scenery and sights.

The West Rim is the only place in the Park where choppers are allowed to fly below the rim and land on the canyon floor. Several exciting landing helicopter rides are offered at the West Rim. One tour lands on the canyon floor, where passengers enjoy a champagne picnic. Another one lands at the top and the bottom.

A West Rim package that many families love lands at Grand Canyon West s airport, after which you ll have two-and-a-half hours to explore the top of the rim. To reduce environmental and noise pollution, strict FAA regulations prevent Grand Canyon helicopters from landing at the South Rim or flying below the rim top.

You can choose between 30-minute and 50-minute South Rim chopper rides. I always recommend the longer version for people who have the bucks it includes the South Rim, the North Rim and the East Rim. The shorter tour flies through the exciting Dragoon Corridor from the South Rim to the North Rim and back, but it s less comprehensive than the longer flight.

The better helicopter tours use EcoStar 130 aircraft because they re far superior to the AStar copters used by cheaper tours. The EcoStar is fitted with stadium-style seating and a 180-degree wrap-around windshield that s designed for sightseeing. It also has a lot more cabin space.

Seats are limited, so you ll need to book your flight well ahead. I recommend reserving your seats at least a week before the tour date you want. Your tour will cost more if you wait much longer than that. Even worse, the tour you want could be sold out.

It s always best to book Grand Canyon helicopter tours on the Internet. That s where you ll find all the great deals. The best discounts of all are always on the tour company websites: by buying directly from the tour company you re eliminating the middleman. Make sure you complete the entire transaction on the tour operator s website. You ll save a chunk of change if you do because of the special Internet rate.


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If you cannot afford to buy full size Schweizer 300 or a Robinson R22 or any private helicopter being sold on the market, but have a great desire to own a helicopter or have a great interest on helicopters, there is one thing that suites you best: buying, building, and collecting model helicopters. From kids and kids at heart, collecting model helicopters has become one of the more popular hobbies. Some collect model helicopters that really fly. There are those who prefer to build model helicopters by themselves to add to their ever-growing collection. Imagine a display of all the types of helicopters produced over the years lining side by side in one room. If you want to start the hobby, you can start on one model and start from there. You have several options. You can either go for flying model helicopters. You can also start with a scale-model plastic helicopter. There are model helicopters that are made from wood. If you prefer real flying model helicopters, you still have several options. You can either go for gas rc helicopter or electric rc helicopter. Usually, beginners tend to buy electric helicopter because it is much cheaper than gas rc’s. It is also easy to fly and less complicated. But if you thing you can handle the noise and if you are up for the thrill of the engined model helicopter, then gas rc is for you although it may cost you more both on maintenance and initial cost. If you prefer building model helicopter for your personal gallery, then you have several helicopter models to choose from. Scale models such as Mi-28 HOVOC, Augusta A-109, Whirlwind, Mangusta, Huey Hog, AH-6J, Mi-24 Hind, Bell 412, SH-60B, RAH-66, 500D CHP, EC-135 Eurocopter and more are just waiting to be build by your own hands. If you prefer military helicopters, you can get scale models such as FL 282, H-25, S-55, Rotodyne, Bo 102, H-1 Huey, Sea King, Mi-2, OH-6, Filper, H-46, Chinook, AH-56, Mi-24, Mi-26, Ka-27, XV-15, Bell 206, Puma, XCH-62, S-67, Blackhawk, Apache, Lama, S-72, Dauphin, Mi-28, Mangusta, Ka-50, Super Cobra, Tiger, NH-90, OH-1, V-22, ALH, and Comanche. These models are also available in woodcarvings carefully handcrafted to come out as a perfect replica of the original helicopter. It can cost at around 0 to 0 depending on the type of wood used and how much detail was put to the model. Meanwhile plastic models could cost around to as much as while the rc model helicopters could cost at around 0 to over 00. Helicopters are measured in terms of passenger capacity, comfort, versatility, speed, and of course cost. Choosing the right one for you depends on these criteria. For example, if you want a cost effective helicopter strictly for personal use, you can take the Schweizer 300 or the Robinson R22 (helicopter for 2). It has basic comfort and few features. The exact opposite are the McDonnell-Douglas 500, Enstrom Shark, and the Agusta 109A. They are fast and more convenient to fly. In between these 2 extremes are Eurocopter Squirrel and the Bell Jet Ranger. These are single turbine-engined helicopter that are more commonly used for filming work and charter flying. The Eurocopter Squirrel and the Bell Jet Ranger are agile, fast, and comfortable, but are constrained to fly on a fair weather. This is not the case with the Sikorsky S76 and The Eurocopter Dauphin 2 which can fly at 200mph and can accommodate up to 14 people safely and comfortably. With these, we can narrow down your selection into 3: Light Piston-engined Types – If you want a cheap personal helicopter that could sit for two, the Schweizer 300 or the Robinson R22 would be your choice. They can fly at the speed of 80-110 mph. With a seating capacity and small size, these helicopters are light, easy to fly, and easy to maneuver. Surprisingly, the light piston-engined helicopters use a more expensive fuel than that of the kerosene based turbine engines but they consume less fuel. However, the Schweizer 300 or the Robinson R22 is less buyable for charter and corporate use. They are more popular, however, on training and personal use. Light turbine helicopters – McDonnell Douglas 500E, Eurocopter Squirrel and the (Agusta) Bell Jet Ranger are widely used around the world for its practicality and mid-range amenities, comfort, size, speed, versatility and price. Private owner often prefer light turbine helicopters among other types for these given reasons. The look is sporty and performance is almost perfect (if not perfect). Twin Engined Helicopters – Stronger, safer, faster and more versatile helicopters are the likes of the Dauphin, Sikorsky S-76, Agusta 109, and Eurocopter Twin Squirrel. These are powered by 2 engines and can go places that other smaller helicopters can’t go. These are far better choice for high-end market with high price bracket.

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If your involved in rc helicopters then come check out rchelicopterunderground.com. Come discuss flying, building, setup, and ect. This is a great place to share information and meet new people. New to the hobby? This is the place for you to come learn and ask questions. Or, maybe your a skilled pilot and have some jaw dropping videos you wanna show off? Everyone loves to see a super skilled pilot at his best. Come post them in our rc helicopter video section. Or maybe you found a video that you would like to share with others. There is also a classifieds section available for buying and selling of rc helicopter related parts and electronics. Come sell your old items, or look around for some new. Can’t find what your looking for exactly? Then, post what it is your searching for in the “want” ads. Ever since I have been in the hobby I have enjoyed helping others get their “birds” in the air. I love seeing the look on someones face when they finally hover for the first time, or get the nerve to put it into forward flight. That feeling is why I created this site. There are other forums, but I feel like they all seem to be missing something. When I first got into the hobby, there weren’t any forums discussing rc helicopters. And, finding someone who knew what they were doing back then was a hard enough task as it was. Then there was the older electronics and all the much more primitive flying rc helicopters that made them much more difficult to fly then what they are today. Rc helicopters have come a long way. Not only do we have the ability to share information and media on forums like the one I created, but the technology has pushed the performance of these machines through the roof. I am amazed at what some of the newer electrics can do. And, with the addition of flybarless rotor heads and controllers, these heli’s keep going to new limits. And, this site is the place to make it all happen. I like keeping a nice, positive atmosphere where everyone is welcome. Come join a fun hobby and a cool community full of great people… Here is a link to the site.. http://www.rchelicopterunderground.com

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If you have been thinking that radio controlled helicopters are only for children then you are wrong. There are people who spend their life working with their radio controlled helicopter in perfecting them and increasing their fly. While some people spend time designing these helicopters, there are other group of people who collect these radio controlled helicopter and take part in competitions. So contrary to our understanding radio controlled helicopter is a popular adult hobby. People who are into this hobby constantly search radio controlled helicopter for sale ads to keep their collection up to date. They spend a lot of money on their hobby out of their craze and they always take pride in their collection.
Decision on which type of radio controlled helicopter to buy is mainly depend on yourself. But you should be with more reflective in mind. There are those who prefer to build model radio controlled helicopter by themselves to add to their ever-growing collection. Are radio controlled helicopters much harder than planes? radio controlled helicopters are more complicated to fly than airplanes however it is possible to learn to fly a radio controlled helicopter by yourself which is next to impossible for an radio controlled airplane because with a radio controlled helicopter you can fly a little bit 2 inches off the ground and land safely. Can you set it up by yourself. Homebuilt radio controlled helicopter imposes great experience. It gives opportunity for individuals to fly their own radio controlled helicopters without the need to spend so much money on flight training school. The electric radio controlled helicopter is sometimes regarded to as the beginner’s radio controlled since it is easy to fly and less complicated to operate.
You may think simulators they are expensive at 160 to 230 dollars but I guarantee you they will save much if you buy them in ILoveChinaShopping.com. The simulator is not a game. Each time you crash could end up costing you hundreds of dollars. Yes it is going to happen and it is fun some times to see what you can make it do however do not get into the habit of watching the helicopter fly into the ground. Can you set it up yourself, if you are careful.
Radio controlled helicopters range in size from 06 cu inches to 91 cubic inches. The most common of these are glow fuel 30 and 60 two stroke engines. This slams the heli into the ground. Brands: There is nothing really to say about this if you know what you looking for then we stock some of the best brands including Century JR Futaba Hirobo etc…
When flying on your own with the use of homemade and “ingenious” constructions are discussed it is not surprising if some would react with a laugh. The fact is know your radio controlled helicopter budget! The price of radio control helicopter depends on the size and components used. Then here are the things you should know. Gas radio controlled helicopter is also much expensive than the electric. And because of these factors serious radio controlled helicopter pilots consider gas radio controlled helicopter as their primary choice. When the machine shakes very hard and the blades appear to be balanced check to see if the clutch shoes did not snap off or that the blade grips are not too tight and other things like that.



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Helicopter has become the greatest toy whether for men or for girls. They’re able to play it for their sparetime. But we provide you a latest product of syma helicopter, that is s107 helicopter. It’s completed with mini infrared that may contains a red light inside it because the interconnection way from your remote control to the helicopter. You do not need any cord since it can make you obtain some troubles. There’s too much guideline. You must roll it and also hold it very carefully since it has a lots of danger. Furthermore, this infrared mode will make everyone easier to bring it. You’ll be able to move it whenever you desire. S107 Helicopter could be played whether indoor or outdoors. When the climate of the area could support you to be able to play it outdoor, you’re able to do that. But it is really much better to enjoy it indoors in case the weather is undesirable also, you are lazy to leave the house. Enjoy it in your home and enjoy with your family. The machine will not produce any kind of noisy audio since it has a smooth sound when it’s flying.Moreover, you do not need to get worried once you find the tail rotor damaged because you will get it in form of spare so that you possibly can change it with a different one. Certainly the product is moveable because it is light weight which will make you easier to carry it anyplace that you’d like. The energy is more powerful ın comparison to the common helicopter products. When it is getting reduced, it is possible to charge the battery. For the beginner, they don’t need to be worried since it can stabilize automatically so that is hard hitting a hard thing which could destroy it. When you are considering it, it is advisable if you get it right now because there is a discount that you could get and to avoid disappointment of sold out. Just be calm, the cost is actually cheapest and won’t waste your cash, meanwhile that saves your money. A very important info that you need is you can get the guarantee for one year since you buy it and enjoy the services.

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One of the most thrilling experiences you can have is to fly an aircraft on your own. That is, if you can afford to buy your private helicopter or can avail flying school training. But if both of these are far from realization, then you must have an alternative. No, it’s not what you are thinking. You cannot hijack an aircraft! Cut that idea off your mind. What you should be thinking is this: flying a helicopter remotely. Rc helicopter flying has become a better alternative to flying a real helicopter. It costs less and completely safe from crashing. But that is not all. Rc helicopter flying has become a hobby for those who have the passion on helicopters. (Helicopter owners must have one or several of these at home.) Since rc helicopter flying takes every kids and kids at heart to the closest experience of flying a real helicopter, it is undoubtedly thrilling and exciting experience. Just think of it this way: you are on the ground holding a radio controller while your rc helicopter is doing its stunts on mid air with you taking full control of its every movement. A popular type of rc helicopter is the electric rc. It is powered by a battery that is connected to a machine that makes the rotor spin to get lift. The electric rc is sometimes regarded to as the beginner’s rc since it is easy to fly and less complicated to operate. The electric rc helicopter is also much cheaper than the next type of rc helicopter: the gas rc helicopter. Gas rc helicopter is powered by an engine that is ran by fuel. This is much complicated to maintain and requires a higher level of mechanical understanding to operate (compared to electric rc helicopter). Gas rc helicopter is also much expensive than the electric. And because of these factors, serious rc helicopter pilots consider gas rc helicopter as their primary choice. It is said that flying a gas rc helicopter is somewhat similar to flying a real helicopter. Both are treated with much respect and much care. If you cannot afford to buy full size Schweizer 300 or a Robinson R22 or any private helicopter being sold on the market, but have a great desire to own a helicopter or have a great interest on helicopters, there is one thing that suites you best: buying, building, and collecting model helicopters. From kids and kids at heart, collecting model helicopters has become one of the more popular hobbies. Some collect model helicopters that really fly. There are those who prefer to build model helicopters by themselves to add to their ever-growing collection. Imagine a display of all the types of helicopters produced over the years lining side by side in one room. If you want to start the hobby, you can start on one model and start from there. You have several options. You can either go for flying model helicopters. You can also start with a scale-model plastic helicopter. There are model helicopters that are made from wood. If you prefer real flying model helicopters, you still have several options. You can either go for gas rc helicopter or electric rc helicopter. Usually, beginners tend to buy electric helicopter because it is much cheaper than gas rc’s. It is also easy to fly and less complicated. But if you thing you can handle the noise and if you are up for the thrill of the engined model helicopter, then gas rc is for you although it may cost you more both on maintenance and initial cost. Flying gas rc could also be treated as your stepping stone into flying a real one since you have gained enough response and sensitivity to the nature of the helicopter. Of course, the experience is still much different if you are flying the full-size helicopter. Nonetheless, both the electric and gas rc helicopter are enough to keep you hooked with the experience of flying.

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One of the most scenic options you have while in Hawaii is taking an aerial tour of Maui via a helicopter. As you are up in the helicopter, you will see views you could only imagine on the ground. Many people only have the privilege of seeing Maui from the windows in an airplane. This view might seem spectacular, but it is a fairly quick event, and depending on the height of the plane, may not offer the true beauty of a flight closer to home. Helicopter tours on Maui range in price from modest to expensive. However, if you have the means while you are on vacation, this type of tour is highly recommended. Depending on the tour you choose to take, you will see part or all of Maui or a collection of small islands and Maui, as well. As you travel in the helicopter, you will see waterfalls as you fly above them. You will see the towering cliffs, mountains, streams, and the floor of the rainforest. Many tours will take you by the historic Iao Valley, where they will teach you about the culture and history of the area. A tour guide will be onboard the flight to fill you in on all you see and the history and geography behind what you are viewing. In most cases, you will fly over the Haleakala Crater, Hana Town, the Hana Rainforest, and the Oheo Gulch. You may fly over Maui completely and see the rugged shorelines and the rocky cliffs on certain parts of the island. Below is a list of the aerial tours of Maui via helicopter. Island Tours Complete Island of Maui Helicopter Tour In this tour, you will see all of Maui from the air. You begin the tour at the heliport and will be guided by certified tour guides who know all there is to know about Maui. You will see Hana and the Rainforest, Oheo Gulch, the Northeast portion of Maui, Haleakala Crater, and much more. The price for this tour ranges from 9 – 9, though this depends on the particular aircraft being flown during the trip. Blue Hawaiian Tours Depending on the tour you take, you will spend 30 to 90 minutes viewing places like the West Maui Rainforest, the West Maui Mountains, Hana and Haleakala, the island of Molokai, or other islands or areas of Maui. You can even take a complete tour of the island if you want. You will see a variety of landscapes from volcanoes to hidden waterfalls. Prices for this tour range from the low 0s to just under 0. Full Circle Island Deluxe This helicopter tour will take you through Maui’s Valley Isle. This tour lasts for an hour and gives you a chance to explore the Haleakala Crater from the air. You will reach as high as 10,023 feet. Additional travel spots include the Hana Rainforest, the northeastern coastline of Maui and the West Maui Mountains. This tour comes to 0.00. These are just a few of the aerial helicopter tours on Maui. If you would like additional options, you can speak to your hotel clerk about scheduling something with one of the local companies.

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If you are looking for a radio-controlled helicopter, the most difficult question to answer is: “what should I buy?”. Bear in mind that if you skip to answer this question, then you might be ending up with a one time flying experience. In other words, after you have bought and first flown your radio-controlled helicopter, you might not be able to fly it again. So here are the things you should know in order to get you end up getting the right radio-controlled helicopter for you. Evaluate your flying skill. If you have yet to fly an rc helicopter, then you should settle for kinds that are easy to fly. What you should be looking for is an electric radio-controlled helicopter. In this way, you eliminate the risk of crashing down your newly purchased helicopter to the ground. This is a great starting point to those who would like to take rc helicopter flying a hobby. Electric radio-controlled helicopter is also quiet. So if you are considerate enough to give your neighbors some peace, then this one is for you. You can move to gas rc helicopter if your skill is enough to fly an engine powered one. Identify the size. Rc helicopter, whether it is electric or gas, comes in different sizes and identifying what is the size you need is important. Here you can trim down your choices into gas, electric, mini, micro, and toy. Gas rc helicopter is relatively larger than other type of rc helicopters while electric rc helicopter can be categorized into 3 sizes- that is, electric, mini and micro. If you are planning to fly your rc helicopter on open spaces, then the electric rc helicopter is your ideal size. On the other hand, if you only prefer indoor flying, then you can either choose the mini or the micro. Choose rc helicopter with substantial parts. Crashes can come anytime so make sure that when you purchase a model, you also purchase parts. Used parts are abundant but they are less reliable so you have to determine if there are new parts available for the type of rc helicopter you are buying. Know your budget The price of rc helicopter depends on the size and components used. Make sure you have set your budget so that you can limit your selection that would make buying easier. Use this information when you choose which type of rc helicopter to buy. Here are the different types of helicopter: Gas helicopter – If you are thinking of flying a helicopter that somehow close to flying a real helicopter, then the gas helicopter is for you. Made with an engine and powered by gas, this helicopter is the most advanced helicopter to buy. Gas helicopter does not come cheap with engine and more complicated moving parts. Gas helicopter is for advanced rc pilot. Electric helicopter – Early electric helicopters released are expensive but later models are more affordable. This makes electric helicopters more popular than any type of helicopters in the market. It is easy to fly. It creates no noise and smell not like the gas control helicopter. It is powered by a rechargeable battery. The electric helicopter is suitable for beginners. Mini helicopter – Also powered by battery, this type of helicopter is similar to the electric rc helicopter. In fact, it is hard to define if the electric remote control helicopter falls on the category of a mini. But to be safe about it, you can say that it is mini if you can fly it on your living room without imposing danger on your furniture. Mini helicopter is fun to fly although controlling it on air might be a little complicated at first. But once you get the hang of it, maneuvers and landings are easy. It is also far more affordable than the two mentioned types of rc helicopters. Micro helicopter – If you have seen micro rc car, micro rc boat, and micro rc plane, then you should not be surprised if you see micro remote control helicopter. This tiny piece of aircraft can stretch up to 8 inches. But, you cannot consider it a toy. It has standard features similar to that of a standard helicopter. It is so tiny that makes it look so delicate but in face, materials used such as titanium and carbon is strong. Toy helicopter – If you want an affordable one, then this one is for you. Only remember that to fly this type of remote control helicopter requires a lot of practice.

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