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  1. What type of radio could be used to control a R/C helicopter 1-2 miles away?
    How are UAV’s controlled all over the world without any signal interference?

    Is it just a really powerful transmission output? Or as I assume, probably using a satellite to bounce the signal?

    I always thought it would be neat to house a camera and fly my R/C heli from a screen, but you would risk the helicopter losing signal and crashing if it went too far.

    Are there types of radio systems for R/C helicopters which could allow them to be controlled up to say 1-2 miles away?

    • The military control systems use special signal coding and satellite links. I don’t think that a standard R/C channel is a good place for long distance operation due to power limits and the issue of interference from other transmitters in the area.
      You might want to get a Technician Class Ham license. This will allow you access to a huge spectrum and higher power systems.
      This is not an easy project for you to start off with unless you have a pretty solid grasp of electronics.

  2. Where can I get a radio control helicopter w/ a built in camera?
    I would like a radio controlled helicopter with a Camera also I need it to have a Receiver for picture (so I don’t run into things…)

  3. How well can a drone see vs a live pilot?
    Concerned about military or civilian drone aircraft flying over populated area, cities. A single TV camera would not seem to give as good vision as real eyes, for spotting other aircraft. Also as drones are smaller they would be harder to see than other aircraft. Stealth drones are good over a battlefield. Lack of visibility is a hazard flying over an American city. Will drones operate warning lights during daylight?

    • You make a good point, which is why large drones are not allowed to operate over cities. What typically passes for a civilian “drone” is not much more than radio controlled model plane or helicopter with a camera on it. They operate at a few hundred feet, well below even light aircraft.

      The rules for the use of larger military drone for jobs such as patrolling the border are still being worked out, but will require some type of airspace restriction for other aircraft.

  4. Where can you buy or make a computer controlled RC helicopter with realtime video?
    Where can you buy or make a computer controlled RC helicopter with realtime video? I can make it or buy but I don’t know where to find it.

  5. Rc helicopter that can be flown threw a camera?
    Like a rc helicopter that you can look at a screen and fly on there? Thanks I would like cheap as possible.

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