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  1. How much does a homemade rc boat cost?
    i want to build an rc boat with a jet drive, under 20 inches, how much would it cost? (electric)

    • About what you spend.

      Made one back in ’90 with a .40 OPS and a cut down Ph/Bronze prop for the impellor in a PVC tube etc.

      When it went it was awesome, mostly it didn’t went.

      There is a lot of shaping to get a scaled down jet unit functional – the water is not one tenth as dense even if the drive is, the stator and intake took months and lots of re-builds. In the end we got bored with it and stuck with steerable out-drives as a preferred way to go real fast. The jet unit was cut out and binned and we got 30 km/h improvement instantly with a normal prop, so oh well.

      Why don’t you contact a hobby store that does boat stuff?

  2. What products are good for saltwater aquarium movement?
    I have a 46gallon and want to know what good products are out there for water movement. I had a 228 zoo med but it is not strong enough so I took it back.

    • Depends on your budget. The best type of flow in the tank is random flow that simulates the natural currents of the ocean. Most traditional “powerheads” provide laminar flow in a fine-point jet. Using newer pumps with prop technology (yup just the the propeller on an RC boat) it provides wide, gentle flow with a lot of water movement.

      If you have $300 to $400 to spend, the VorTech by EcoTech marine or Hydor Koralia 12VDC controller version are great. Tunze makes great devices but are definitely high end.

      If you are looking for flow on a budget check out Hydor Koralias or Seio Props. I have 2 Seio Props rated at 1000GPH in my 75 and get great flow. I picked them up at Custom Aquatic online for $45 a pop.

      Other options are a SCWD which attaches to a return or closed loop pump. The 3/4″ version sells for under $75 and a 1″ version is a bit higher.

      Ocean’s Motion makes a great device but can be rather pricey.

      A lot of the “wave timers” on the market will not work well with a lot of powerheads since you are switching them on and off in frequency from 15 sec to many minutes. Will make a lot of chatter at times as pumps switch back on and can decrease the life of the pump.

      Best bet for a budget is a pair of Koralias or Seio Props at opposing sides of the tank to creating some turbulence in the tank.

  3. Where can I find realistic designs for wooden modern fighter jets?
    I want to build a wooden model of a modern fighter, preferably F/A-18, F-22 or F-35. I cannot seem to find any plans anywhere that are realistic. There are lots of ‘look-a-likes’ for rc model, but I am looking for something close to the real thing and around 4 foot long. Does anyone know where I can find something like this? I am close to designing my own, but I really only find fun in making them. Thanks in advance!

    • The models I want to make (boats and aircraft) don’t seem to be available, but I’m no investigative sleuth by any stretch.
      There is some pretty cool stuff out there, but nothing that tickles my fancy.
      I hope someone clues us into a good source.

  4. What are the differences between the royal carribean adventure of the seas and freedom of the sea?
    We have the choice to go on one of those boats. I want some one advice who has been on both and please state the differences between them. Also, how is the cococay island because the Freedom only stops there but the adventure has a better itinerary. Thanks in advance!!!

    • I have cruised on both the Adventure and the Freedom and the major difference is the Freedom is much larger. Both have a pedestrian mall down the center, both have the same general layout as far as restaurants and lounges; both have free ice skating and a free ice show on deck 3, both have the basketball court and mini-golf on deck 13. The Adventure has an in-line roller staking track but the Freedom does not. But the Freedom has the surfing simulator, called the “florider” on the back of the ship. The Freedom has a much larger gymnasium, a couple of huge adults only hot tubs in the “solarium” (covered pool and hot tub area), and then the Freedom has a kids water park called the H2O Zone.

      Royal Caribbean actually has two private islands, CocoCay in the Bahamas and Labidee, Haite. I have been to both and I can tell you that Labadee is much better. Its a huge island (actually a peninsula) that is NOT in direct contact with the rest of Haite. It has multiple beaches and a tram to help you get around. It has a water park called Arawok, a zip line (fee for this) and you can go kiacking/canoeing, parasailing, jet ski, and a bunch of other beach activities there. There is also a huge market area where you can buy any type souvenirs.

      The Adventure was departing from San Juan and does the Southern Caribbean to Aruba, Caracao, St Thomas and Tortola. That cruise offers a couple of “at sea” days so you don’t get so tired getting off the ship every day. The Freedom was in Miami but has now been moved to Port Canaveral to replace the Mariner of the Seas which moved to LA. I’m not sure what itineraries it runs other than the Eastern Caribbean. If you want a Western Caribbean on RC then try the Liberty of the Seas which departs from Ft Lauderdale. Its the same ship as the Freedom and you get to stop at Labadee.

      You can look at the features of both ships on this RC web link: http://www.royalcaribbean.com/findacruise/ships/home.do;jsessionid=00003KPcZg_jLAgGetFFYtnwmoa:12hdhu6tq?cS=NAVBAR

      Just click on the “virtual tour” link on that page.

  5. Can you tell me how much money goes into manufacturing a gas turbine engine for any aircraft.?
    i was actually wondering since the aircraft costs billions of dollars of money. How much money would go into manufacturing of a engine. I am also asking this question because i want to do a project on cost analysis of a gas turbine engine.
    thank you.

    • Well, they certainly don’t cost billions of dollars to manufacture. At an industrial level, the R&D time for new designs to full blow manufacturing runs has been reduced by CAD/CAM. From a parts viewpoint, citizens have and the ability to acquire these engines from multiple manufacturers, and have been able to do so for well over 50 years… RC Pilots build jet engines for under a thousand dollars.

      As far as the FAA is concerned, the cheapest Aircraft Rated engine available is actually the ROTAX engine you can find in SEA-DOO jet boats. True, it’s not a turbine, but it shows that an aircraft rated engine need not be expensive, just reliable.

      If you want jet costs, for new or rebuilds, try this link.

      As for a jet engine, you can buy the aircraft, with a pair of jets, for under a million.

      Finally, there are rebuilds, DIY toys, and more turbine engines. Folks use these things to power everything from saws, to go carts, to generators, to whole industrial complexes. To get a better feel for it, let’s look at some other’s toys…

      Horsepower entry:
      This guy details the power from the Roll’s Royce Engines all the way through the 747’s complex engines prior to showing you how he built a backyard gas turbine from scrap 20 years ago. Now he runs a Rolls aircraft engine in his garage…

      Ridiculous Entry:
      Hot dog cooking jet engine. Yeah, he loses a dog or two…

      Example of Handling this Technology with Care!!!
      The Safety Warning preceding this film is mandatory viewing.
      The way this gentleman stands back, and treats his turbine with care, shows a cautious first backyard firing 🙂

      Finally, if you want one, you can build one yourself:
      DIY instructions from a ME student who happens to work on the USAF’s finest…

      As a side note, use AGM cranking batteries to start these things or plan to use 2x the battery bank. Yes, these are designed to start with a Concorde Aircraft Battery 😉
      You can special order these batteries from Advanced Power Products.

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