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  1. what RC plane flight simulator do they have at hobby town usa?
    I was at hobby town usa and played the RC plane flight simulator they have set up to play. What flight simulator is it? it was fun.

    • realflight, but im not sure what version they have at that store, the one near me has g4, but yours may have g5

  2. What channel rc helicopter should i get.?
    I am choosing between a 4 or 6 channel helicopter. I am experienced with rc planes and i have flown many semi cheap rc helicopters. I would now like to buy a nice helicopter. What type should i get? could i get the 6 and start of slow and then work up? or should i buy a flight simulator?

  3. What is a good rc plane simulator?
    I am going to fly my nitro rc plane but i dont want to crash. Naturally i want to practice on a flight simulator. I have a transmitter and i want a simulator i can plug my transmitter into on the computer (i have the usb connector to connect my transmitter to my computer). What is a good simulator i can download online?

  4. What should I ask for from my parents for christmas?
    I am almost 14, a male, and I can’t think of what I want for christmas. I like stuff that involves aviation like flight simulators and rc planes, but kits for rc planes sre just too expensive. I am thinking of a new phone I want but I kind of want something more practical because I really don’t use my phone much anyway. I hope someone can help because I really don’t know 😛

  5. Do I need a graphics card for an I5 H67 laptop?
    I’m dying to buy a laptop with a 2nd gen I5 processor. I’ve read the onboard graphics is pretty good and using a dedicated graphics card is a waste. The only “game” I’ll ever play is a flight simulator to learn to fly an RC plane. Is the onboard graphics good enough for a non-gamer or will I end up wishing I bought a laptop with a dedicated graphics card?

    • just make sure the game you want works with the onbord GPU the laptop has, some games don’t intel GPUs and refuse to run
      most of the time laptops with Nvidia or ATI GPUs don’t cost much more than laptops with onboard GPUs espacaliy if you looking to pay for a laptop with an i5

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