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  1. How to change frequency RC plane works on?
    I’got a Parkzone J3 Cub RC plane, and my friend also has a plane that works on the same frequency. I need to change my frequency so we can fly at the same time.

    How do i do this?

  2. What is the best tail design for an RC plane?
    If I want to build an RC plane by scratch, what is the best tail design, a commercial tail, a t-tail where the horizontal stabilizer is on top of the vertical stabilizer, or a V wing, like a predator UAV? If my pilot is a beginer-intermidiate RC flier, what is the best, most stable design for the lane? And please, do not tell me to just buy a kit.
    I want a high wing dual propeller rc plane

    • The best tail is not simply an aesthetic choice, much of it depends on the overall design of the airplane itself… and there are too many variables (aircraft size, engine placement, tail length, etc.) to give you a complete rundown here..

      That is half the fun of experimenting with models… you can fly and crash them, and then make changes as you see fit. Why not look at planes that closely resemble what you want to build and take cues from them?

  3. How does one program hardware? For e.g an RC Plane where the plane’s programmed to move right or left?
    I realize this is a very vague question, but I plan to build an RC Plane and I’d like to know how hardware programming is done. i.e, how the plane is told to move left when the remote control ‘left’ button is used.

    • The commands are received by a receiver, and subsequently there are servos connected to the receiver. Each stick direction (left stick updown, leftright, and ditto for the right stick) takes up one ‘slot’ on the receiver. These are all controlled by the receiver and cannot be programmed.

      If you want to program your own commands, read up about pulse width modulation (PWM) and PPM, and find a suitable programming board that doesnt complicate the whole output process. I recommend arduino.

      But if all you want to do is build a simple RC plane, all you need to do is go down to the shop, get a kit and learn from there. Electronics are all transplantable (for proper hobby aircraft) so you can reuse them on your next plane 🙂

      Good luck.

  4. What should I ask for from my parents for christmas?
    I am almost 14, a male, and I can’t think of what I want for christmas. I like stuff that involves aviation like flight simulators and rc planes, but kits for rc planes sre just too expensive. I am thinking of a new phone I want but I kind of want something more practical because I really don’t use my phone much anyway. I hope someone can help because I really don’t know 😛

  5. I was wondering if I need to change the esc in my rc plane based on the mah of the batter or the discarge rate?
    I have an rc plane and I’m considering upgrading the battery and motor. The esc is 30 amp and the battery is a 3300 mah 15c li-po. Dont know much about electrics yet, always been into nitro.

    • If you simply upgrade the battery, then no you wont.
      If you want to put a quicker motor in it, then you may do. Motors determine the draw. If your motor draws 40 amps, and your esc is rated at 35, you will need a a higher rated ESC. I wouldn’t recommend cutting it close either. EG, for a motor with a draw of 100 amps i would use a 150 amp rated esc. It’s not strictly necesary to have the esc rated vastly above the motor, but it does help with heat, and the longevity of your kit.
      By the by, your battery has a max discharge of 49.5 amps. Under no circumstance do you draw more than that, and once again, for the life of your battery, i would recommend drawing no more than 40. Drawing more than a battery can handle leads to excess heat, which in merry old lipos, can lead to serious explosions.

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