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  1. what do you think of the remote control ESKY Honey Bee CP2 6-Channel helicopter?
    I am wanting to get this for my husband for christmas. He has never flown any of the remote control helicopters before so i’m wondering if the 6-channel is definitely to extreme. The thing is, is this is the funnest looking one I’ve seen and I don’t want to get him something that can just go up and down in the air. Does anyone have any suggestions?

    • Hi,
      You are right be concerned that the HB CP2 is extreme. It is. Too extreme? That is up to how much effort and patience you are willing to put in to it.
      An RC flight simulator will make a huge difference. An hour a day for a week or two, and then flying the actual model might be doable. The FMS simulator is the very bottom end of usability. Others like Realflight G3 (or g4 or g4.5) will work better. Clearview, FS One and Aerofly are all good too.

      But those will add $100 to $200 to the bill. And your hubby’s chances of success are pretty low without the sim. I am not saying this from any estimation of his skill. I am saying it from 28 years of flying RC planes, sailplanes and helis. An acrobatic heli like the HB CP2 is one of the most challenging forms of the RC hobby.

      I highly recommend that if you go with the HB CP2, you get a sim AND have him read up on the dedicated beginner heli forums:

      If you want something much less aggressive and flyable indoors, and more capable that the silly up-down toy helis, consider an E-flight Blade MCX RTF.

      It is quite easy to fly, does not hurt furniture, comes with everything you need, and is the most fun I have had with a heli indoors.

      Have more questions? Ask by adding additional information to your question, or contacting me.

      Good luck!

  2. Movie with armed RC helicopter and a little boy as main character?
    Hello, I am searching for a movie from the eighties. The only things I can remember is, that a young boy is playing the main character and a couple of remote controlled helicopter models with cameras and guns on them. Can anyone tell me the name of the movie please ?

  3. Which remote control helicopter would my boyfriend like for Christmas?
    My boyfriend wants a remote control helicopter for Christmas. He really liked the one we saw being demonstrated in Selfridge’s last week. The only problem is I can’t remember what it was called. Does anybody know which one it may have been? It was quite small, was capable of hovering, and was priced at 29.99. Otherwise what other remote control helicopters might he like?

    • Hi the one that you’ve probably seen is the Picco Z which is distrubuted by Flying Toys / Silverlit in the UK.

      These are great fun and basically fly themselves and you can often see them for sale in Tesco’s for about £20.00.

      There’s another few options available too, dependant upon what you’re willing to spend (and beware, you can spend over £1000 very easily on a ‘proper’ radio controlled helicopter) the E-Flite Blade MCX is an excellent little model.

      The MCX flies like a very tame real RC helicopter and can be repaired and upgraded and are likely to cost around £100 dependant upon where you get it from.

      Either way – the Picco Z Helicopters are great fun and don’t require any training or skills to operate, it can take months of dedication and practice to learn how to fly a proper RC helicopter so the Picco Z is probably a good place to start and then if he really likes it get on to a search engine or forum like http://www.rcheliaddict.co.uk

  4. Why do remote control helicopters need dual blades, while normal helicopters have one?
    Why do remote control helicopters need dual blades, while normal helicopters have one? Can a remote control helicopter have one blade? Thnaks

    • There are R/C helicopters with single blades too, but I find them lame and unable to be controlled. The cool R/C’s with dual blades are to keep it from spinning out of control, and there’s always a trim adjuster on the side of the remote. The tail blades, depending on the model, are either turned sideways, down, or backwards. If it’s to the side, it can only turn. If it’s down or backwards, it controls forward (and sometime backward) movements.
      According to my dad, the top blades on a real heli will turn at certain intervals, similar to an airplane’s wing-flap/thingy, in order to move the helicopter forward.
      According to me, though, I think the passengers lean forward to move. :3

      In response to the first guy who answered, why don’t they just put like, 20 blades on a helicopter to make it faster?

  5. What remote controlled helicopter would be good for a retired man who has never tried one before. Outside one?
    My husband can no longer play golf due to shoulder problems. I think that he would enjoy playing around with a remote controlled helicopter outdoors. He has never had one. What kind would you recommend for an older man who is a good mechanic but who has never had a remote controlled vehicle before? Gas engine? Rechargeable?

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