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  1. where to sell assembled plastic scale model helicopters?
    have 2 assembled helicopter models, an AH-64 apache and a UH-60 Blackhawk, both are BIG (at least 2 feet long) –
    Does anyone know where to sell these? they are really well put together, and have some figures (pilots, etc.) that go with them.

    • I’ve sold some of my armor models on ebay.Post them, put a ridiculous reserve price on them, and see how high the bids go.
      I would never sell for less than 150% of the purchase price.

  2. Purchasing a scale model contra rotating gearbox?
    Anybody know where I might be able to purchase a scale model contra rotating gearbox, something like for use on an R/C helicopter? Thanks!

  3. I bought a 1/72 scale helicopter for my 1/72 scale troops but the chopper was too small what scale do they hav?
    then i bought a 1/48 scale helicopter and it was too big , what scales do they both have to be to mach up. the troops and the helicopter i want to get a huey to put the troops in and make a diorama.

    • Hi:

      try a one sixyth ( or 1/60 ) scale model and see if that works for you

      but Personally a 1 / 72 scale troops ( or a soldier) should fit in a 1/72 scale Huey helicopter ( after all they are the same scale.

      here what the scale size of the soldier and helicopter should be in 1/ 72 scale inches )

      a 5 foot 6 inch person at 1 /72 scale is

      5.5 * 12 = 66 inches

      66/72 = 11/12 inches or about 15/16 inches talls ( when you times it by 16)

      a 6 foot person is

      6* 1 /72 = 1/12 foot or 1 inch for a 6 foot person

      and a UH – 1 helicopter is

      57ft * 12 * 1/72 = 9 inches – base on the Wikipedia Uh -1 helicopter specs.

      I hope this help.

  4. What are the dimensions of a model helicopter?
    I want the size off the helicopter to fit in a box that’s has a height of ~5 inches, width of ~10 inches, and a depth of ~3-5 inches(?). I’m not sure of the depth, but I need it in scale with the height and width.

    In inches please. Rough dimensions are appreciated as well. Thanks.
    I have to build a model helicopter and I wanted to see the scale of the parts of a helicopter. But anyway I figured something else out.

  5. What is the largest scale plastic/wood helicopter model? Where can I buy one?
    Does not matter what make or model of helicopter, the larger the better.

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