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  1. How do I learn to fly an RC plane!?
    I bought an RC plane called the Super Cub which is supposed to be a beginner aircraft. But its hard to fly for me. How do I learn to fly

    • -First of all, for a beginner plane I think you should choose a open place with minimal wind.
      -You may check out some videos over Youtube.
      -Find some Flying clubs near your place that some experienced flyers could help you out.

      Flying RC planes is a great hobby. Best of luck with it.(You will have evn more fun making them).

  2. whats does it cost for a new super cub engine?
    so my little brother was flying his super cub RC plane something went wrong and it nose dived and the act didn’t have time to correct the plane and it broke the fuselage in half i already have a replacement fuselage but one of the mounts for the engine broke also so if anyone knows how much it is for a new engine please tell me.

  3. What different when using ailerons and elevator as apposed to just an elevator on a rc plane ?
    I’m looking to get in to my first 3d 4 channel rc plane (p-51 ultra micro) and im not sure how difficult it is to use the ailerons, i’m used to flying a super cub lp which only has an elevator and rudder.

    • I agree with F-100. I started in 1972 with a Kraft radio, which I still have in storage.
      Using ailerons and a little up elevator will turn the plane fine. I hardly ever use the rudder.
      Have fun!

  4. What should a beginner look for in an rc plane?
    im a teenager and am looking into rc planes. what should i know before i buy and where can i get a cheap arf plane? (i like building but dont want anything to complicated yet) thank you!

    • Hey!

      I’m a teenager too, and I got into this hobby 2 years ago.
      Best decision I have ever made. It is absolutely amazing.

      You might want to look into something a little less complicated to start off with, like an RTF high wing trainer. I’d suggest the Hobbyzone Super Cub, Champ or the new Firebird Stratos.
      For a second plane, an ARF might be a good idea.

  5. Is Nitroplanes a good site to order from?
    I have heard that they have bad CS but I don’t worry about that right now. Is their airplanes good quality? Why is their price lower than others? Competition? Been looking at their Dynam Electric Brushless 4-Ch Super J3 Piper Cub 42″ Remote Control RC Plane RTF 2.4 ghz. Any recommendations or comments?

    • Read the reviews from customers on complaintsboard.com. You are correct; the customer service is substandard. There were also some complaints about the products received.

      The site opened in 2005. That is a good sign. The server is in Australia. The registration page hides its ownership. That is never a good sign. Check out who.is (they give website information).

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