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PC Remote Control softwares has recently seen a surge in popularity. You can connect from your mobile phone or such devices through Bluetooth, WiFi or Infrared (IR) to your PC or laptop and gain control of it.

Consider that you can view and control desktop, Mouse, PowerPoint, iTunes, WinAMP, Windows Media Player and much more.

Lecturers or People who have to present their project slides using powerpoint find this solution so intersting. They may probably know there are some remote devices in market which facilitate their presentation and reveiw their slides wirelessly. These devices usually cost over 120$; But if they own a mobile phone (as anyone does these days) and a PC Remote Control software installed on their PC or laptop, so they can successfully cut that cost.

There are various commercial or free softwares for mentioned issue with varying capabilities that should be considered while purchasing them.

If you use Bluetooth connection, therefore one of Toshiba, Windows, BlueSoleil and Widcomm/Brodacom is installed on your PC or laptop as bluetooth stack. You should check if PC Remote Control software can support your Bluetooth stack type. Recently It has seen that some softwares are not compatible with Toshiba BT stack and cause CPU usage to 100% and system failure.

I have tested some free PC Remote Control softwares. Most of them are in beta version or limited capability. Also Commercial softwares cost under 20$ which really worth.

“Vectir PC Remote Control” and “Blueshareware Phone Remote Control” are the most famous ones. The first costs about 19$ (in some cases free, refer to” for details) while the latter about 12$.

I have tested both of them. Unfortunately “Blueshareware” reaches CPU usage to 100% if you use Toshiba bluetooth stack which results in system crash or failure, but “Vectir” goes fine.

Also with “Vectir” you can use WiFi instead of Bluetooth if both your mobile phone and PC have WiFi connectivity. Although this feature also exists in “Blueshareware” but it does not work because it can not identify ip for WiFi connection.

Infrared is activated for both of them.

Furthermore you can easily add more personal commands to “Vectir” which enable you control your pc or laptop more.

Although “Vectir” costs 7$ more than “Blueshareware” but I think it really worth it because of its automatic connectivity easyness and also its professional featurs.

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