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The type of remote control helicopters to buy will be a decision totally up to you. But you should be more open-minded when deciding on what model suits you the best. There are some people who do not even know how to fly a basic RC helicopter but, they go for the most complicated machines that are in the market.

A decision like this will be very costly because flying an advanced model will be difficult and it will most likely crash if you are an amateur to this field. Therefore, the best thing is to go for remote control helicopters that only include the basic movements such as up, down, left, right, forward, and backward if you are still unfamiliar of their flight. These toys are called 3 channel RC helicopters.

Before taking your helicopter out for a spin, you should practice its basic movements well. It will help you gain confidence in doing advanced maneuvers in the future. First of all you should learn how to keep it stable in midair, not too high or not too low to the ground. You should learn to keep your cool and not panic in an emergency situation. That is the secret to safe flying.

Once you have mastered it, you can fly it forward and then backward in a straight line. Doing this will help you master its speed and you will be able to maintain a stable speed when flying. Flying at unnecessary speeds will eventually cause your toy to crash and injure yourself or other bystanders.

When you are able to do all these things, you can fly your helicopter in circles and then is a pattern similar to the number 8. Since 3 channel remote control helicopters are very easy to master, you will get the hang of flying them very quickly. Then, if you feel that your machine is not enough for you, you can go for a much more advanced toy of your preference.

There are many helicopters with parts that are made for rugged use. You will barely have to replace any broken parts because there will be very little damage to the toy even if it crashes. Selecting one of these is good to learn how to use the controls and maneuver your toy accurately.

Other than that, there are remote control helicopters that run on gas and others that are electrically operated. It is better for you to buy an electric powered toy because they are not as powerful as the gas or nitro models. It will be good to have a less powerful machine at the start because if you have an accident the damage will be minimal.

The other factor you should consider is the wind condition. Smaller remote control helicopters are much more susceptible to even the smallest breeze and may not go the way you want them to. The larger ones however, are better handled in windy conditions. But since larger ones are not recommended for newbies, you should buy a small helicopter and learn to fly it indoors.

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